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Cold Hardy Palms

Hardy down to 15°

(minimum temperatures: 0 to 5°)

Pinnates (fronds) or Fans

Bringing the Tropics to zones 8 & 9

Exotic beauty

Transform the ordinary into a tropical retreat

Pindo Palms: blue-grey fronds

Windmill Palms: 25' of elegance

Needle Palms

European Fan Palms: 10' to 12' max hgt shrub

Louisiana Palmetto Palm: fast growing up to 20'

Tropical Lady Palms: ideal for indoors -- loves low light

8 Varieties


grown locally

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Majestic sun-loving beauties

a dozen or more fragrant flowers

fragrant, long-lasting, easy care perennials

what's not to like?



on elegantly tall 3 to 5' scapes

the web-home of:

Green Pointe Growers

a  North Florida nursery

Make It Edible:  Plant  Fruit Trees | Tropical Fruits | Do Organic Gardening

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