6 Non-invasive Natural Ways To Repel Mosquitoes

fruit bat: natural ways to repel mosquitoes
Repel Mosquitoes With Plants

Plant your favorite fragrant herbs in containers on the patio for one of the most natural ways to repel mosquitoes ever!

Most of the mint family -- peppermint, catnip, lemon balm, even pennyroyal -- all deter mosquitoes. Garlic, lavender, basil and of course citronella all emit a strong aroma that mosquitoes do not like.

Completely eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water. Doing away with standing water will certainly diminish the quantity of mosquitoes in the immediate vicinity. Standing water can include things like bird baths, puddles or pet water bowls. Ensure that gutters are draining properly and drain all garden or backyard items that collect water.

Try Attracting Bats

Bats can consume an average of 1,000 mosquitoes in a single night.

Just one hungry brown bat can catch as many as 600 mosquitoes in one hour! That's a lot of mosquitoes IMHO.

Attracting bats to your backyard by adding a bat house can significantly reduce your mosquito population. Anything to reduce the chances of being bitten is awesome!

Get A Bat House
like this:

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Apply Neem Oil To Your Skin

Neem oil comes from an evergreen tree that is native to the Indian continent and grows in many tropical areas. It is a vegetable oil that is derived from the fruits and seeds of the Neem Tree.

Neem oil is an all natural insecticide that is often sprayed on plants to repel harmful insects. It can also be applied to the skin to repel mosquitoes.

You can find organic neem oil here:

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Organic Essential Oils

Mountain Rose Herbs is a personal favorite of mine for herbs and essential oils.

Throw Rosemary On The BarBQue

Of all the natural ways to repel mosquitoes, rosemary on the barbeque is one of the tastiest! Mosquitoes don't like the aroma and it makes the meat taste savory.

Spray A Natural Insect Repellent On The Garden

Garden Scentry is a blend of 4 botanical oils that are safe to use in the garden both to repel plant eating insects and to repel mosquitoes.

This organic insect repellent can provide a non-toxic and organic solution for many of the insects that invade your yard as well as those that attack you and your pets.

It contains the oil of garlic, cinnamon, castor oil, and cedar oil.

Natural Mosquito Repellent

Garden Scentry

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