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Ask The Green Genie™

Ask The Green Genie™
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Green Pointe Growers is a wholesale nursery in North Florida (Alachua County) growing cold hardy palms, Amaryllis and Crinum lilies, and a lot of Florida hardy fruit trees and edibles. We’re registered with and annually inspected by the Florida Department of Agriculture, certificate #48008351.

We’re also home to Ask The Green Genie™: a virtual landscape consultant for the home gardener. For our many retail followers and landscape design clients, we offer local delivery of an expanded selection of plants: shrubs, woody perennials, butterfly plants, herbs and even citrus. Most of these items are hand-picked from other wholesale nurseries in our area, as you order them. Local delivery is only $10.
UPDATE 2016:  Local delivery has been expanded to include Gainesville, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville and everywhere in between.

So, instead of visiting our physical retail nursery since we don’t have one, we bring the nursery to you through the Internet. You’ll find the most popular edibles, shrubs and butterfly bushes listed here on our site with pictures and prices. You can order directly from our site from the comfort of your couch and we’ll deliver, saving you the bother of dirt in your car or squishing the trees in where they don’t fit.  You can also call us to place your order and get free consultation:  352-871-7974 9-9/ M-Sat.

Special Orders Available

If Grandiflora grows it, we can get it.

If Grandiflora grows it, we can get it.
Shop their site, then ask us about it.

Don’t see what you want? One great resource for ideas is Grandiflora. Check out their interactive, search-able picture inventory here and email us your wishlist here.

If Grandiflora grows it, we can get it for you. Email us.
We’ll get right back to you with availability and prices.


a local propagation nursery:If Robrick's grows it, we might be able to get it.

a local propagation nursery:
If Robrick’s grows it, we might be able to get it.

Robrick is another local wholesale nursery for ideas: check out their catalog here. Please know that what you see at Robrick is propagation material in huge quantities. Though we do not order starters from Robrick, if they are growing it, chances are some other wholesaler in the area may have it in retail sizes and smaller quantities. Email us your wishlist in the contact us form here.


Growers Jon & Lisa love to garden. Here we share our favorite tips and tricks to coax our Florida sand into producing healthy plants and a bountiful crop. You’ll quickly learn we’re nuts about using organic practises in the garden, so there’s lots of blogs about natural soil amendments and non-chemical pest control. And we understand that many of you are accustomed to the easy, quick results of chemical pest control and fertilizers, so we’re committed to finding organic alternatives to share that actually work and don’t break the bank!


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