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Crunchy-Sweet Soft Pear: FlordaHOME Steals The Show

Imagine biting into a mouthful of rice crispies and having juicy,  sweet water explode all over inside your mouth:

that's an understatement of just how yummy a FlordaHome pear is!!!

Picked our first pears this week from the Flordahome pear trees: definitely a July harvest! And oh my -- had no idea this one was soooooooooo tasty!

Definitely a soft eating pear: no bellyaches from hard little baseballs here -- but crispy kinda like a Bosc and SWEEEEEET ! Juicy!   'Course we helped it a bit with regular water and some greensand magic: ask us about our free magic soil recipe!

FlordaHOME pear

15g FlordaHOME pear tree:
1.25" trunks / 8'+ tall

FlordaHOME pears will need a pollinator from a different variety. 

Choose another soft pear variety:  either a HOOD, Spalding, or Baldwin will work as will the (hard) Pineapple Pear.

FlordaHome PEAR TREE
FlordaHome PEAR TREE
FlordaHome is tasty, sweet crunchy-soft pear, somewhat greenish skin and great for fresh eating or making preserves.

Low chill hybrid: requires only 150 chill hours to produce fruit, though many growers simply say "requires less than 400 hrs".
Not as disease resistant as the HOOD, but makes a tasty good pollinator that can be eaten fresh. The FlordaHome is a more reliable pollinator for the favored HOOD than the PINEAPPLE PEAR is.
Ripens in mid to late July

Pollinators: best with HOOD, PINEAPPLE PEAR, or SPALDING
Zones 8b-9

15g / 1.25" trunks -- 8'+ tall / $89

To order from this site:  feel free to place an order here,
but we also invite you to email for free consultation!

FlordaHOME pear is available now in 4 sizes:   4g, 7g, supersized 7g & 15g

3 years to fruit:
4g / 5-6' tall --- grafted trees / 3/8" to 1/2" trunks / $29

2 years to fruit:
7g / 6-6.5' tall average --- grafted / 3/4" trunks / $49

~ 1 year to fruit:
supersized 7g / 7' tall+
nicely branching --- grafted / 1" trunks / $69

bearing / bearing age:
15g / 8' tall+
well branched --- grafted / 1.25" trunks / $89

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