Does A Chocolate Pudding Tree Really Exist?

Chocolate Pudding From  A  TREE ?

You've Got To Be Kidding!

It's kind of a novelty, but yep, it really does have the texture and flavor of chocolate pudding!

I know that sounds odd, but I've actually tasted this one myself -- it's not real sugary sweet,  just mildly sweet, but the texture is quite smooth & fine, and does taste like chocolate pudding -- much to my surprise.

Fruit needs to be exceptionally ripe before it has the right flavor. I suppose it would be quite interesting served with Breyer's Vanilla ice cream!

Chocolate Pudding Tree Fruit

Chocolate Pudding Fruit
photo courtesy of wikipedia

3g & 7g Black Sapote trees

Black Sapote

Diospyros nigro

Black Sapote is an evergreen tree -- looks quite attractive with its waxy dark green leaves -- and is a member of the persimmon family of fruits! Fruits are about the size and shape of a large tomato.

Tropical: tolerates light frosts as a mature plant; but generally protect from freezing;

2 sizes in picture of Black Sapote:

 3.5' tall / 3g / $45
6' tall / 7g / $85    call / email us to order or verify availability

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