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What Bugs Are Eating YOUR Garden?

Adult Greenfly

Adult Greenfly*



Brown Beetle

Brown Beetle

red ants

Red Ants*

stink bugs

Stink Bugs*

jewel beetle

Jewel Beetle*

mealy bugs

Mealy Bugs

Organic Pest Control Made Easy

Looking for a Nature-safe insecticide?

Organocide™is an all natural insecticide for eggs, larvae and nymphs of insects as well as the adults of soft-bodied insects. Controls a wide range of insects including, but not limited to, mealybugs, spider mites, aphids, leaf-rollers, whiteflies, fungus gnats, thrips and some armored and soft scale insects.​  We use this in our nursery and find it also helps control pesky stink bugs.  It is also effective against certain fungal diseases like powdery mildew, black spot, and citrus greasy spot.

Organocide™is exempt from EPA registration.

Watch this video by the manufacturer, Organic Laboratories

As with all insecticides, fungicides, or miticides, always read the application directions and follow all instructions carefully. ​ Not to be used in high heat above 95ْ   F.

This is a concentrate of 92% fish oils, 5% sesame oils, and 3% lecithin. It must be diluted before use. According to the manufacturer, Organocide™ has a high degree of safety for most plants, though a few have shown sensitivity such as the crown of thorns family.  Read more here.

Don't Need A 3-in-1?

All Natural Insect Control

Blend of 4 Botanical Oils

Garden Scentry

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Try This 4-Natural Oils Insect Repellent

Garden Scentry  repels most plant eating insects as well as insects that are attracted to people and pets- like fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. It repels ants, spiders and roaches too. The strong garlic-cinnamon aroma of the product is barely noticeable to humans within hours after application, but insects can detect it for weeks if not diluted by heavy rains.

Fleas  • Ticks •  Mosquitoes  •  Ants  •   Spiders  •  Roaches

The use of natural oils and scents for repelling insects has been going on for thousands of years. And it still works today. Insects do not develop a resistance to scents: They simply move on to the next yard.

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