Best Avocados For Central FL

Central Florida has many choices for growing avocados

There are many tasty varieties of avocados from which to choose. 

You can easily narrow your choices by deciding your most important priority:  high oil content or not, cold hardiness needed, and do you have a lot of space or just a little space?

For cold hardy avocados (to 15 degrees), click here.

We've narrowed the field to the  most popular varieties that are easy to source and that do well in home orchards for Central Florida:

avocado flowers

Avocados behave as self fertile trees in Central FL

Hass avocado


One of the most widely recognized avocados, the Hass is a dark green, bumpy skinned avocado with a rich buttery flavor.  At full ripe, the skin becomes a purplish-black.

Hass produces 4-12 oz fruit and has a longer shelf life because of its high oil content.  Fruit ripens Oct-Nov.

Brogdon fruit


Brogdon avocados are thin skinned, dark purple in skin color, and have a superior rich, nutty flavor, very similar to the Hass.

Fruits weigh just under a pound and have a reasonably high oil content. They have not been cultivated as a commercial variety however, because of their thin skins.

Hass is the number one commercial avocado grown in California, as well as in New Zealand.  It was propagated and patented from a single seedling that grew out of the Great Depression and produced a funny looking bumpy skinned dark avocado!

Hass does not thrive as well in Florida's humidity as it does in California.  Trees can grow up to 30' tall and 20' wide,  and often have a good year followed by an 'off' year.

Brogdon avocados are recognized for being more cold hardy than average, tolerating temperatures into the mid to low 20's on occasion. They are thought to be a cross between Mexican-type & West Indian-type cultivars. The original tree was a seedling started in Winter Haven, FL in the 1940's.

Vigorous growing trees, Brogdons are also hardy producers, much more prolific than the Hass in FL.  Fruit ripens July to Sept in FL.

Lula avocado


Lula is cold tolerant to about 25 degrees and a dependable prolific producer of green skinned fruit with a slight neck. 

Lula was the most popular commercial variety in Florida prior to the Hass.

wurtz avocado


Wurtz is a dwarf Guatemalan & Mexican hybrid that tolerates temperatures to about 25 degrees.

Production is good, and consistent from year to year, with 10-12 oz fruit that has a somewhat thin, smooth green skin. It has excellent flavor and a very small seed.  16% oil content.

Wurtz grows very compactly to a height of about 10' at maturity. Can easily be container grown.​

new shipment of avocados

new shipment of Lula avocados

Avocado leaves

new growth on an avocado

There are 3 distinct families of avocados: West Indian, Guatemalan, and Mexican.

West Indian types are a round, glossy green fruit that is low in oil and weighs up to 2 lbs, but are not cold hardy.

Guatemalan types are medium sized, pear-shaped pebbled skin green fruits that turn blackish-green when ripe, and are also not cold hardy. Fruits take 10-15 months to reach maturity.

The popular "Hass"  avocado is a​ Guatemalan variety and also doesn't produce as well in high humidity.

Mexican varieties are smaller at 8-12oz, have paper thin skins, and can be either green or black when ripe. They are the most cold hardy of all, with some tolerant of temperatures down to 15° for short spells.

Fruits mature in 6-8 months.