Over 400 Varieties of Mangos!

mmm . . . Mangos!

With over 400 mango cultivars to choose from, the flavors are so diverse it can be difficult to choose just one kind to plant.


Mango trees need full sun, at least 15' of space between trees, and prefer nutrient rich, loamy soils -- not pure sand or clay. 

All mangos are sensitive to cold. Protect young trees at 32°F, though mature trees are tolerant down to 25°.  Fruits and blossoms will sustain damage  at 40°F and below.


There are 3 size categories of trees: dwarf (6-10'), medium (approx 15'-30') & large to very large (as high as 50-60' in FL) . In their native environments, large mangos can reach heights of nearly 100' tall.


There are 2 distinct textures: fiberless & little fiber.

Grafted mango trees will bear fruit in 4-5 yrs after grafting.  3gal pots are typically 1-2yrs old, so expect fruit to start w/in 2-3 yrs.

Depending on what area of the globe you're from, each country has its "most popular" favorite for desserts. Add to that, not all varieties do well in Florida's high humidity and some are more fungal resistant than others.

up close view of foliage: new foliage is yellow to lt green;

1" + callipers on 15gal size

15 gal Lemon Meringue Mango trees bear first year out of the pot

The varieties we carry include:
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Southern Blush
  • Mallika
  • Nam Doc Mai
  • Glenn
  • Duncan
  • Ice Cream
  • Bailey's Marvel
  • Valencia Pride
Our Favorites

LEMON MERINGUE: medium sized tree

This one has a unique sweet flavor with subtle tart overtones -- a favorite of all who taste it. Fiberless fruit is oblong, weighs about 1/2 to 3/4 lbs, and is yellow with an orange blush. Originally from Burma, the fruit is extremely fungus resistant.  Early season fruiting: May/June

SOUTHERN BLUSH: moderately vigorous grower -- medium sized tree;

Gorgeous large orange-yellow fruit w/ bright red blush, 1 to 2.25lbs! Southern Blush is a firm, juicy mango, a little fiber, with a sweet yet tart flavor. Fruit turns slightly yellow at the base when ripe.

BAILEY'S MARVEL: medium sized tree;

Vigorous growing tree once established up to 35' approximately in South Florida, less in Central FL.

Most cold hardy of all the mangos: tolerant to 24 degrees but protect in heavy frost.

Fruit is firm, fiberless, and sweet 'n tangy; typically 1.5-2 lbs each. Color is a beautiful peach red blush over a speckly yellow background. Ripens mid-July to mid-August.

VALENCIA PRIDE :  large shade tree;

Another Haden seedling from 1941; Reliable, vigorous growing shade tree. Fruit has one of the most exquisite flavors: sweet, aromatic, firm and fiberless. Ripens July to August.

Medium-sized trees

NAM DOC MAI: medium sized tree, can be pruned to 10' if needed;

Most popular variety in Thailand, Nam Doc Mai is green to yellow skin sometimes w/ a reddish blush and absolutely no fiber. Best known dessert mango in Thailand. Fruit weighs 12-20oz, soft, sweet, and aromatic. Thrives in the Caribbean.

Nam Doc Mai fruit

small, 3-gal Nam Doc Mai

GLENN: medium sized 15' tree, can be trimmed to 10'hgt;

Glenn is a soft/fiberless Indian/Indo-Chinese hybrid that is quite disease tolerant for FL. 16-20oz fruit is oval to oblong, greenish w/ bright yellow background that develops a pale orange-red blush as it ripens.

Dwarf  varieties

MALLIKA: semi-dwarf variety, ideal for container growing, a favorite for Indian desserts;

Mallika is a fiberless variety, 10-18oz oblong bright yellow fruit, w/ a deep orange flesh. Heavy producer, and very disease resistant.

ICE CREAM: the most popular of the dwarf mangos, can be container grown and kept at 6' tall;

A native from Trinidad, Ice Cream has fiberless, green fruit with juicy, yellow flesh that is sweet & rich, w/ a sorbet-like texture. Very disease tolerant.

COGSHALL:    called the 'condo mango', can be container grown and kept at 8' tall; will grow to 20' tall if untrimmed.

beautiful blushed color, sweet, fiberless;

fruit has soft flesh, thin skin, weighs less than one pound; ripens June to July;


DUNCAN: vigorous grower, but can be maintained at 8-10' tall;

A FL variety, Duncan is bright yellow w/ no blush and thick skinned. Its fruit is 1-1.5 lbs, sweet w/ a citrus tang and smooth textured. Heavy producer; extremely fungul resistant, humidity tolerant.

Mango varieties to avoid in FL:

"Julie" does not tolerate humidity very well, leading to fungus problems requiring heavy use of sprays. "Alphonso" doesn't do well here either.