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Save Organic Citrus

What You Need To Know About Citrus Greening Now

Citrus in Florida is under attack from a fatal bacteria that causes a disease known as "Citrus greening". ​It is spread by an insect known as the Asian citrus psyllid.

The disease slowly weakens and kills the tree, causing the fruit to be lopsided and mal-formed, bitter tasting, and never ripening, hence the name "greening".

Symptoms of the disease don't manifest until several years after infection. By the time the disease is noticed, it's too late to save the tree. Because the disease is systemic, removal of the affected leaves and branches is not a solution. Complete removal of the entire tree is the only known effective means of protecting nearby citrus trees.

Save Organic Citrus

Because of strict measures to control the spread of "Citrus greening", very few nurseries are licensed to propagate citrus​, and as such the wholesale cost of potted plants is more than double what it was prior to the discovery of the disease in Florida in 2005.

Many southern states in the US are also under quarantine restrictions regarding the transport of citrus, and it is important that the plants not be removed from those areas to another. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas are all under quarantine restrictions.

Read more on UF's IFIS research here.

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Here at Green Pointe Growers, we use the Organocide in our nursery. We never use any chemicals of any kind on our gardens.  And even though citrus greening is present in Alachua County, we show no evidence of it to date. Neither do we have sago palm scale, and we grow a lot of palms.  Nor black spot on the roses.

Organics may not be perfect, but together we can preserve the environment AND win the war on pestilence.

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