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Prevention Is The First Line of Defence Against Citrus Greening


Prevention Is The First Line Of Defence We Have Against Citrus Greening Disease

A well fed, healthy tree is the first line of defence in any war on pests, and citrus greening is no exception.

Plant your tree during the cooler weather to lessen the stress of transplanting. We recommend October to early April for North Florida gardens.

When you dig the hole for the new plant, make it at least four times bigger than the pot it came out of. Use plenty of rich, loamy, composted soil in the hole to feed the tree for the next 3 months. Add a little peat moss if your soil is too sandy to help the soil retain moisture. A good formula would be about 25% peat moss, 25% native soil / sand, and 50% composted top soil.

Make a wide saucer around the plant to hold the water both when it rains and when you water. This not only makes good conservation sense, but it will help your new citrus tree withstand the shock of transitioning from a drip-fed nursery irrigation system to your barren front yard.

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