Citrus trees

.  .  . are easiest to plant in the milder / cooler weather -- Sept to May.  However, they can be planted year around as long as they are watered EVERY DAY!

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The list below contains citrus varieties generally available through us: subject to seasonal availability, of course.

Citrus is readily grown in Zones 10 & 11, and the lower half of zone 9. However the highlighted names below are known to be a bit more cold hardy than the others -- as in growing in Alachua County.
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What You Need To Know About
Citrus Greening Disease

Citrus in Florida is under attack from a fatal bacteria that causes a disease known as "Citrus greening". ​It is spread by an insect known as the Asian citrus psyllid.

  • Ruby Red
  • Ray Ruby (hardy hybrid of Ruby Red)
  • Star Ruby (sweetest) (zone 9b)
  • Marsh White Seedless
  • Duncan (sweet white)
  • Pummelo  (pink or white)
  • Pineapple    (yummy juice orange)
  • Hamlin:   very cold hardy
  • Navel  / Red Navel
  • Valencia
  • Blood orange
  • Chinese Honey Orange:  aka Ponkan Tangerine  --- our personal favorite!
  • Ambersweet
Tangerines & Tangelos
  • Ponkan Tangerine
  • Honey Murcott
  • Satsuma
  • Clementine
  • King Mandarin
  • Dancy:  "the Christmas tangerine"
  • HoneyBell (Minneola Tangelo)
  • Page  (Honeybell x Clementine)
  • 'Shiranui' aka Dekapon or Sumo Mandarin
  • Meyer Lemons -- most cold hardy
  • Eureka Lemon
  • Ponderosa -- very large
  • Sambo (sweet)
  • Meiwa (round -- sweeter)
  • Nagami (long -- more tart)

CITRUS: 5gal size
CITRUS: 5gal size
grafted + 2yrs, wispy: ~ 2.5' tall planted hgt x 12" wide; This size is more delicate due to the lack of root mass: daily water is crucial.
Price: $60.00
CITRUS: 10gal size
CITRUS: 10gal size
Our #1 recommendation: grafted, BEARING AGE, has bloomed for 2 yrs, and is pruned back 2x's to ~ 3.5'-4' tall planted hgt. This size suffers very little transplant shock.
specific variety:
Price: $85.00
CITRUS: 25/30gal size
CITRUS: 25/30gal size
Specimen size: grafted +4yrs, BEARING AGE, pruned for density to 5' tall planted hgt by 3.5-4'wide with 1"caliper (trunk size) minimum. Reg price $250
specific variety:
Price: $195.00

Prevention Is the First Line of Defence We Have Against
Citrus Greening Disease

A well fed, healthy tree is the first line of defence in any war on pests, and citrus greening is no exception.

Plant your tree during the cooler weather to lessen the stress of transplanting. We recommend October to early April for North Florida gardens.

When you dig the hole for the new plant, make it at least four times bigger than .  .  .

Organic Protocols May Very Well
Hold The Key To Winning The Fight
Against Citrus Greening

Research has shown that a healthy tree has far more resistance to pests than a stressed tree. 

UF entomologist Michael Rogers is working with industry and the Organic Center to research holistic organic solutions for citrus greening.

Get Rid of Garden Pests:
But Please Don't Poison Your Pets!


From the label:
"Poses no risk to the environment:
EPA exempt"


Around your home,
children and pets."


the effectiveness of Organocide 3-in-1 is hard to beat

No Petroleum Solvents

We encourage anyone​ wanting to grow citrus to consider an organic gardening approach.

We believe that harmony with nature is the best way to win this war. Nuking the pests with chemicals just stresses the trees that much more, so any pests left behind can have a field day.

Research has shown that a healthy tree has far more resistance to pests than a stressed tree.

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